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NIAD's Hall of Fame

Investigators, Medical Examiners, Lawyers, Writers.

NIAD has compiled a list of professionals whose honesty and hard work have produced some remarkible achievements in the pursuit of justice. We proudly list them here. We welcome nominations to this hallowed list. We also have a Hall of Shame below.

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John Lenitini
Atlanta, GA

Arson Investigator Accomplishments too numerous to mention, but NIAD is grateful for his burn tests showing that Mark Kirk was framed on fraudulent evidence.

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Gerald Hurst
Austin, TX
Arson Investigator
Accomplishments too numerous to mention.

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Peter Klaput

Arson Investigator
Assistance with the Japan
Higashi-Sumiyoshi Case has resulted in retrials being granted.


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Carter Roberts
Dallas, TX
Arson Investigator

Testified that the state's claims of arson against Garland "Butch" Martin were frivolous and unscientific.

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Bob Ruff
Fire Investigator/ Justice Advocate
Podcast Webmaster of
Truth and Justice

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Sheila M. Barry
Richmond, VA
Author & Activist

Director, along with her husband Doug,of
Truth in Justice


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Dr. Lloyd White
M.E Tarrant County, TX
Testified on behalf of Butch Martin.

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Hans Sherrer
Seattle, WA

Author, Editor, Activist Director of
Justice: Denied!

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Dave Mann
Austin, TX

Author of many fine articles on criminal injustices.


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Patrick Andler
Fire Investigator

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Paul Bieber

The Arson Project


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NIAD's Hall of Shame

Those who fiddled to see innocents burned.

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Mark Kirk Case
Hall of Shame Members

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Willard F. Preston III
Former Delaware State Fire Marshal

Fabricated an experiment in which Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, an inflammable liquid, bursts into flames after being poured on an electric burner. (Investigator John Lentini later proved this to be fraudulent).

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Donald Roberts
Prosecutor in the Kirk case.

Later removed from office after pleading guilty to DWI and breaking and entering. Some of his previous convictions have been declared malicious and overturned.


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Cameron Todd Willingham Case
Hall of Shame Members

Douglas Fogg
Corsicana Texas
Assistant Fire Chief
Called critics of his ineptitude, "bleeding hearts that are against the death penalty."
Manuel Vasquez
Former Fire Marshal

"Not a single independent scientist came forth to defend the work of Texas Deputy Fire Marshal Manuel Vasquez, who died in 1994, or the Corsicana arson investigator."
Ed Salazar
Assistant State Fire Marshal

Is defending the state's case against Willingham in front of a Forensic Commision. His work has been called "
embarrassing" by the scientific community.


Garland Butch Martin Case
Hall of Shame Members

Dr. David Hoblit
chief medical examiner: Lubbock County
Dr. Harold Gill-King
Forensic anthropologist

John Corn
Armstrong Laboratories
Dale Little
Fire Marshall

Dr. David Hoblit, the chief medical examiner of Lubbock County, and Dr. Harold Gill-King, a forensic anthropologist both testified to finding evidence of brain injuries caused by a blunt head trauma in Marcia Pool and Brady Martin. They believed that these injuries preceded and were not related to the fire, contributing to the theory that Martin knocked Marcia Pool and Brady Stephens unconscious before starting the fire.

Fire Marshall Dale Little stated that his investigation showed that the fire started in the back of the house in the master bedroom near the backdoor from a pour pattern, indicating the presence of a flammable liquid. Armstrong Laboratories Director John Corn said they tested positive for Norpar and deparaffinated kerosene (DPK). Based on Armstrong’s results, Little testified that the cause of the fire was arson and that the liquid poured in the house was lamp oil.

The autopsy of Kristen Martin revealed no injuries other than those caused by the fire. Dr. Lloyd White, (Hall of Fame above) forensic pathologist and medical examiner for Nueces County, testified that the brain injuries found on Brady and Marcia were a common finding in deaths associated with fire (as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning). He maintained that there was nothing to conclude the injuries were caused by blunt trauma.

Carter Roberts, (Hall of Fame listed above) a certified fire investigator, testified about his own inspection of the house and review of Little’s findings. He stated that there was not enough evidence to determine what Little described as a pour pattern. He disputed Little’s conclusion that the fire started in the bedroom and believed that it started instead on the back porch. Finally, Roberts criticized the fire investigators for discounting and then discarding an extension cord which connected a refrigerator on the back porch to an outlet inside the house. He concluded that Little was looking for arson from the outset and immediately abandoned any search for an accidental cause, disregarding a fundamental tenant of fire investigation.
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Daniel Dougherty
Convicted 14 years after the fire

Hall of Shame Members

John Quinn
Assistant Fire Marshall
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Jude Conroy
Assistant District Attorney

Called Hall of Fame member John Lentini “ a whore who will say anything in exchange for a consultant’s fee.”