Case Dismissed!

Shanna Shackleford (GA)

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After turning down plea bargains of 20, 10, and 5 years, her sojourn in the criminal courts has finally concluded. (More)

Adam Gray (IL)

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Arrested at age 14, and forced to confess, Gray was freed 23 years later based on scientific advancements. (More)
Retrial and Civil Suit Launched

U.B. Thomas III (KY)

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False confession which lead to an 8 year conviction has been overturned. Civil suit against the fire department has been launched. (More)
Charges Dropped!

Michael Rivera (DE)

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Prosecutors drop case after witnesses die, evidence ignored, and other bungling, pretty typical for Delaware. (See Mark Kirk case below.) (More)



Retrial Granted

Daniel Dougherty (PA)

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Not charged until14 years after a fire that killed his two young sons, Dougherty, now in his 18th year of incarceration, will get a third trial. ( More )
Book Published!

Kristine Bunch (IN)

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Exonerated after 16 years of imprisonment for arson and the murder of her son, a book about Kristine's ordeal has been published. ( See )
Innocence Project Support!

Mark Kirk (DE)

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Convicted of starting a fire with a non-flammable substance in which three people died in 1997, Kirk is now being represented by the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project. ( More )
Innocents who plead guilty

Michael Keating (NJ)

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Charged with starting a fire to a house marked for demolition, Keating pleaded guilty to arson rather than face the possibility of 4 years in prison. An honors graduate of Rowan university, Keating is seeking gainful employment. ( More )



Han Tak Lee released after 24 years!
(Pennsylvania- March 2015)

Davey Reedy: Exonerated
Virginia- Dec, 2015
21 Years Served

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Executed / Sentenced To Death

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Cameron Todd Willingham
Convicted: 1991
Death of 2 sons
Arson Denied

James P. Harrison
Convicted: 1991
Death of 3 people.
Sentence: Death
Resentence: Life 2004
Wrongfully convicted in stabbing/arson death.

Kazuhiro Ogawa
Convicted: 2009
Death of 16 peoplee
Sentence: Death
Arson Denied

Daniel Dougherty
Convicted 2000
(14 years after the fire)
Death of 2 Sons.
Sentence: Death
Arson Denied

Wrongfully Convicted: Sentenced to Life Behind Bars


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Rose "Katie" Roseborough
Convicted: 2004
Sentence: LWOP

Arson Denied

Steven Darby McDonald
Convicted 1997
Sentence: LWOP
No deaths. Only minor damage in a small fire.
Wrongfully Convicted

Joann Parks
Convicted: 1990
Death of 3 children
Sentence: LWOP
Arson Denied

Mark Kirk
Convicted: 1997
Death of 3 people
Sentence: 44 years
Arson Denied


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John Maloney
Convicted: 1999
Death of Wife.
Sentence: Life
Arson Denied

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Karen Mullally
New York
Convicted 1986
Death of 2 children.
Sentence: 25~Life
Arson Denied

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Greg Brown Jr.
(age 17)
Convicted 1997
Death of 3 Firefighters.
Sentence: Life
Arson Denied

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Karen Boes
Convicted: 2003
Death of daughter.
Sentence: Life Without Parole
Arson Denied

Kristine Bunch

Kristine Bunch
Convicted: 1996
Death of Child
Sentence: 60 years
Arson Denied


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Curtis Severns
Convicted 2006
Structure Fire/No deaths
Sentence: 30 years (reduced to 15)
Arson Denied

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Claude Francis Garrett
Convicted 1993

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Tracey Shaw
Convicted: 1996
6 Deaths
Sentence: Life
Wrongfully Convicted in Arson Case

Joey Awe

Joey Awe
Convicted 2007
Structure Fire
Sentence: 12 Years with 3 Years Imprisonment